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And the only way to achieve that was through long hours, gallons of sweat and a steadfast faith in each other and their coach, Marina Zoueva."It's taken the last four years of day-in and day-out practice and working with Marina and having her show us the way," White said.

The result was obvious, and not just because of the gold medals they now have.

At the end of the day we just kind of tried to go through the motions to the point where [our routine] was engrained in our bodies and we could just switch our brain off and go through the motions with the music.

NK: CW: It was an incredible experience because you get to meet a lot of Olympians and its inspiring to hear a lot of these stories about where people come from and what they had overcome to get there. We still have a passion for the sport and we don't take the opportunity lightly to be able to do what we love for a living, but we don't want to put ourselves through the stress and work of another competition.

And in Detroit we had access to some of the best coaching and figure skating facilities in the world so we've just been plugging away since the mid '90s and going for it.

Now try doing it in sync with someone else, and you get the idea.DROUGHT OVER: USA two-man bobsled takes bronze HOCKEY: USA women advance to gold-medal game Skating to Scheherazade, Davis and White may as well have been mirror images.Every extension, every turn, every expression of emotion was perfectly matched.CW: We would usually work with our coaches and focus on footwork and things like that.We would try to work on specific details, you know, making sure our hands, arms and legs are in the right position, making sure we are matching and that the story we're telling makes sense.

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Most people confuse pair skating and ice dancing but ice dancing is much more, 'Dancing With the Stars' on ice, more of a ballroom feel.