Being a feminist and dating

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Was there a larger question you wanted to explore as you made the series?Jones: Thing we are so interested in is self-empowerment versus self-objectification.While entertaining some foreign relations, the regions within Rojava are not officially recognized as autonomous by the government of Syria or any international state or organization.Rojava lies to the west of the Tigris along the Turkish border.

People had a very strong reaction to it, good and bad.

Why did you decide to include an episode about Tinder and online dating?

Jill Bauer: The series is about sex and technology and relationships, and we have talked to so many college kids, and everyone is on Tinder and everyone is on Bumble, and we have been wanting to do a dating story for a long time.

Ronna Gradus: Porn for women is out there, but if you do your basic Google search for "porn" it is not coming to you.

But in someone like Erica's work there is foreplay and there is caressing, so it is easier to buy into it.

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