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Builders and remodelers are offering universal design features (wider hallways and doors, good lighting, few or no steps) that work for a baby stroller or a wheelchair.Some builders are installing infrastructure for future bathroom grab bars and stacking closets for down-the-road elevators.Have you noticed more people around your neighborhood?That long-gone college grad is back across the street, and Grandma's moved in, too.The Pew analysis also reported a 10.5 percent increase in multigeneration households from 2007 to 2009.

Add to those costs the value of peace of mind knowing a loved one is being cared for by family, and multigenerational housing may be the new assisted living plan.Now, as John Graham, coauthor of Together Again: A Creative Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living, observes, the recent recession has prompted a move back from valuing independence to interdependence."Families may be coming together because of the economy," says Donna Butts, executive director of Generations United, "but they're staying together because it helps them all." Jason Ng, 38, his girlfriend, Jamie Sonoda, 30, and their 20-month-old baby, Addison, live in a home he and his parents rebuilt on their property in Aiea, Hawaii.Three generations under one roof, known as multigenerational housing, is here to stay.According to a Pew Research Center analysis of the latest U. Census Bureau data, approximately 51 million Americans, or 16.7 percent of the population, live in a house with at least two adult generations, or a grandparent and at least one other generation, under one roof.

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His mother, Karen, 64, has dubbed the den "the nest," because she and her husband, Melvin, 69, have private space to watch TV.

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