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But, if you really want to play it safe with Chinese panels, the simplest way to be sure that they are good quality is simply to insist on one of the brands in the first list.

And if you think there are good Chinese panels not covered in those lists – feel free to harangue me in the comments!

Luckily I have a friend I can call on who can translate Chinese to English fairly well. When I ran the list through her and filtered out the battery and silicon producers I got this list: I’ve bolded some of the better known brands imported into Australia there.

Now – you may be wondering where the all the “Tier 1” Chinese manufacturers are on that 2nd list. The only one to get back to me was Renesola who replied: And the same is most likely true for the other “Tier 1” suppliers – their factory name is probably very different to their global brand.

So – if you are a bit of a bargain hunter and you want to do your research on a Chinese panel that is not “Tier 1”, I suggest you look for the company name on the panel spec sheet or on the web (or ask your installer).

Extra dollars that a lot of householders would prefer not to spend! So if you don’t want to pay a premium for non-Chinese panels, you are in a bit of a bind.How on earth are you meant to know if the panels you have been quoted are junk – cobbled together in an ex-trouser factory with toxic effluent pouring straight into the local waterway – or top quality panels with expert engineering and QA behind them?Well, the safest way has always been to go for a genuine ‘Tier 1″ panel.It’s the best of both worlds, especially when the real girl is Marina: Photos are from deep in the members-only archives at Infernal Restraints.When it comes to bodybuilding, training is just as important as diet.

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