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The district court disagreed and granted the defendants summary judgment.

The Circuit affirmed, but didn't analyze the First Amendment issue.

Nevertheless, we also find it prudent to rule that — even if the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are somehow entitled to Second Amendment protection — the district court properly subjected the FSA to intermediate scrutiny and correctly upheld it as constitutional under that standard of review.", filed August 1, 2017)(summary by Fisher Patterson). Starrett was eventually arrested for interference, under local municipal code.

Two police officers were called to respond to a domestic disturbance at the home of Edward and Joanna Starrett. She sued both officers, claiming her arrest had been unlawful and that officers used excessive force in effecting the arrest. Starrett had a clearly established right to revoke her husband's consent to enter the trailer.

According to a summary on Police Magazine, bucking the majority view, the Eighth circuit concludes that citizens do not have a First Amendment right to video record the police.

Akins formed a group he called Citizens for Justice (CFJ) in 2010 and began running about Columbia, MO, video recording officers. Akins alleged that police and prosecutors were targeting him for exercising his First Amendment rights.

Turner refused to identify himself, and the officers ultimately handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a patrol car.

The officers' supervisor arrived on scene and Turner was released. § 1983, alleging violations of his First and Fourth Amendment rights.

However, the court found that despite a 2011 City police department internal memorandum advising officers that the public had a First Amendment right "to observe and record police officers in the public discharge of their duties," that advisory was not well understood by officers in 20. In a trademark case in which the lead singer of the rock group 'The Slants' chose this moniker in order to 'reclaim' the term and drain its denigrating force as a derogatory term for Asian persons, and then sought federal registration of the mark 'THE SLANTS,' the en banc Federal Circuit's judgment overruling The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)'s denial of the application under the Lanham Act's disparagement clause, is affirmed where: 1) the disparagement clause applies to marks that disparage the members of a racial or ethnic group; and 2) the disparagement clause violates the First Amendment's Free Speech Clause., filed 04/21/17).

Helget sued, claiming her termination violated her First Amendment rights.

The 10th Circuit affirmed summary judgment for the defendants, holding the “operational interests” of the city as a public employer outweigh the free speech rights of the former secretary. council enacted a law that confined carrying a handgun in public to those with a special need for self-defense.

Most of the opinion deals with whether the district judge should have recused himself., filed 07/07/17).

Reversing the lower court which had found that recording police arrests was not, without more, an adequately expressive activity to garner First Amendment protection, the Third Circuit has explicitly found such activity to be protected; however, that right was not clearly established in the Circuit in 2013, requiring qualified immunity for the police officers who interfered with photographers. sections14-202.5(a) and (e), is reversed where the North Carolina statute impermissibly restricts lawful speech in violation of the First Amendment.

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Therefore, such a right was not yet "clearly established" in the Circuit when the retaliatory police actions occurred, and the officers were entitled to qualified immunity. Conviction under a North Carolina law that makes it a felony for a registered sex offender 'to access a commercial social networking Web site where the sex offender knows that the site permits minor children to become members or to create or maintain personal Web pages,' N. Pier Sixty, a catering company in New York City, fired Hernan Perez for posting profane comments about his supervisor days before a union vote.