Online dating fakers tips for dating older men

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Online dating fakers

How to spot a Catfish So what does an online Catfish do? And how can you hunt down your online lover to find out if they’re actually a liar?For those not up for outing their business on a TV show, here are 9 ways to catch a Catfish. One of the easiest ways to track down your online lover is to do a Google search of their full name or their e-mail address.I think fakers or posers are just people with some insecurity issues, maybe some frustration at being judged by thier looks or whats on the profile, maybe even a hint of desparation to just talk to people? I don't think its gay people like I've heard some express. The picture could be of a neighbor for all we know.As long as its not someone famous, no one WOULD know.It would also be nice if we could have something in the rules about not having recognizable celebrities as your profile pic ( Are we supposed to think that there is so much resemblance between the Fish and the Celeb that they share the same pics (and the same "slightly overweight" status?) Even if someone claims to be a big fan, the celeb's pic doesn't belong in there; leave that for the Interests and gush there. Having a picture and verification is by no means proof.I think the thought of being so embarrased and rejected when they meet someone who is sincere,will make them think twice about thinking they can get their foot in the door through deception.

Make sure you put quotation marks around your search word, as this will ensure the specific word, e-mail, or phrase you searched will come up in the results. If you’re truly suspicious that your online lover is too good to be true, have a good look at their image gallery. If their gallery is real, they’ve likely had social media for years now, and their gallery should reflect that: aging, different hair lengths and color, as well as having friends in photos.They probly figure the best way to do that is to make an attractive profile.Yes it decepetive, but they probly figure they aren't hurting anyone if it just harmless chatting and forum posting. For any Non-Forum Related Matters, such as Issues with Profiles or other Forms of Abuse, use the "Report Member" Link at the Bottom of any given User's Account.Why waste a perfectly good profile by saying all that crap?I'd rather keep mine more upbeat than spout all the stuff that should be safely assumed.

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