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Bridgman, who had first planted vines on Harrison Hill as far back as 1914.

Bridgman was helpful, and very hopeful about the activities of this new group of academic winemakers from Seattle, but he did not believe that the successful growing of grapes -- the ones used in the great wines of Europe -- was possible in Washington.

But word had gotten around about the winemakers and their steadily improving wine.

So new associates came aboard, including UW law professor Dr.

grapes grown within the state back in the 1950s, AV went on to great things.

Buying its own vineyard acreage in the Yakima Valley in 1963, it was the first winery in the state to market vintage-dated varietal wines locally and was credited, as early as 1969, with launching "a revolutionary industry." Led by UW professor Lloyd S.

Cornelius Peck (who joined Woodburne in 1956); businessman (and son of Frederick Padelford, the Dean of the UW Graduate School and Chairman of the English Department) Phil Padelford (1956); industrial chemist and printing-ink businessman Lew Leber and his brother and ink-business partner Ted Leber (1958); chemical engineering professor Charles Schleicher (1958); Boeing engineer Allan Taylor (1959); meteorologist and climatologist Dr.

After a few years of such amateurish experimenting, Woodburne's original partners dropped out, leaving him with all their communal gear.Interestingly, Woodburne's inspirational peer Angelo Pellegrini never joined -- perhaps because he was already a paid consultant to another local firm, the American Wine Growers (eventually Washington's mega-successful Chateau Ste. In 1960 Woodburne held a meeting with William Bridgman at Seattle's Roosevelt Hotel and they discussed various aspects of the potential future of the wine industry in Washington.Then in January 1961 Woodburne's group of 10 vintners signed a decade-long contract with Bridgman to acquire Semillon and ruby cabernet grapes from him.Laurel Drive in Seattle's Laurelhurst neighborhood. Within a couple years, the volume of grapes they were buying justified the cooperative purchase of a grape-crushing machine and a screw press, which were set up in the garage.Interestingly, although these friends could crush together, federal law still prohibited them from fermenting the juice cooperatively.

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